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The Significance of Releasing Funeral White Doves at Funeral and Memorial Ceremonies


Releasing funeral doves as part of the service or celebration of the duration of a loved one not just pays a poignant tribute on the person who has died, but could also prove emotionally uplifting and inspirational for the mourners attending the funeral. The experience of peace and closure is nearly tangible.

White Dove

Specialist Funeral Dove Release Agencies

Dove release companies will tailor a deal in accordance with your exact wishes and will then liaise with all the funeral director to organise the presentation.

Your launch of the doves typically takes place at the end of the funeral service, civil ceremony or memorial service. A poem or little bit of prose may be read or even a favourite little bit of music played to accompany the release. Alternatively, you may choose to the doves to be removed altogether silence.

The doves are freed from a basket decorated in the design of your selection as well as the presentation is completed by experienced dove handlers who'll be appropriately attired for that occasion. Over a practical note, you should please remember funeral doves is only able to be released outdoors as well as in full daylight. This allows lots of time so they can return home before it gets dark, typically at the very least 2 hours before sunset.

Symbolic Meaning & Significance

The dove is the universal indication of peace, hope and freedom and, with this context, the making of funeral doves symbolises the production from the spirit from the departed that is finally at ease. The specific variety of doves released can also be significant and offers how to go about symbolic meaning and representation. As an example:


just one white dove represents the peaceful release and onward journey in the spirit in the deceased;
a couple of doves symbolises the journey of the spirit of the individual who's died combined with their spirit guide or guardian angel;
the discharge of three doves followed immediately with the release of a single dove signifies the Holy Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Ghost guiding the spirit with the departed on their own journey to heaven;
ten doves released simultaneously give you a symbolic celebration in the life of a loved one and say a simple, fond farewell.

Post by whitedove (2016-07-25 14:10)

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